We provide highly reliable MARINE Transportation Logistics of all types of freight. In addition, we offer a full range of intermodal service options and fully insured freight management services.

Our marine arm provides over 40 units of different type of Marine vessels such as:

  • Swamp and Sea-Going/Offshore Barges (1000Tons to 3000Tons), including but not limited to Crane Barges, Ramp Barges, Fuel Barges, Dump Barges, Barges Equipped for Food transport.
  • In-land & Offshore Push-Tug Boats (800HP to 2680HP).
  • Offshore Supply Vessels (PSV, AHTS, FSIV.

HELISERVE MARINE TRANSPORT ESCORT SERVICES is your partner for all the transport via inland waterways. With our competent and experienced team we are able to solve all your marine transportation needs.

We transport all grades of raw material goods, Containers, Gas pipes, Trucks and Cranes and other special transports efficiently without any lose of time and cargo.

“Anything you ask and we will provide you a solution”

As a full-service marine transportation logistics company, we move all types of freight from necessities like groceries and cars to oversized cranes and other bulky materials for diverse projects in the mining, oil and construction industries. Our equipment includes Tugs, Barges (Ramp and Dump) . Whether your cargo is oversize, refrigerated, hazardous, less-than-container or full-container, we’ll get it there safely, efficiently and within your budget.

We are an innovation leader in our industry. We are constantly looking to improve service and efficiency. New types and sizes of equipment are constantly being procured, designed and manufactured to serve our clients better.