To provide world class aviation SERVICES and PRODUCTS that are world class at competitive rates.

To provide the best services with maximum safety and comfort in the air and on land.  Our priority is safety, comfort and quality services.

All operations and activities are conducted in accordance with defined standards and procedures to ensure sound HSE performance.

Get Professional Services and Operations

We provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of a full range of services; we are able to deliver cost-effective solutions for existing airline business operators globally.

Heliserve Man-Power Supply has brought employers and job seekers together with results that speak for themselves. 

We provide highly reliable MARINE Transportation Logistics of all types of freight. In addition, we offer a full range of intermodal service options and fully insured freight management services.


We are to protect the health of our employees and third parties from all hazards associated with our daily operations

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Health Environment and Safety

It is the policy of Heliserve to carry out all her activities in such a way that the life of all our employees and other people who may be connected with our operations are safeguarded. The company will ensure adequate provision of personal protective equipment and adhere strictly to the safety precautions and requirement in any area of its operation. To maintain a high safety standard, the company will assist to develop all her staff in community affairs, safety, health, and environment and security awareness in accordance with the client policy. There are rewards in form of prize and promotion for excellence in achieving this goal while negative attitude is frowned at. For all jobs detailed safety procedures are written and site management held responsible for its implementation on site.
It is the policy of Heliserve to be committed to the environment in which its operations are carried out; to be preserved and improved on during and after operation. To this end our company shall carry out the following steps: Ecosystem must be protected especially where we work to avoid damage/destruction to our environment. All the natural ecological system shall not be affected. All staff shall comply with ISO 14001 during the contract. ISO 14001 Improves resource efficiency; reduce waste; drive down costs; provide assurance that environmental impact is being measured; gain competitive advantage in supply chain design; increase new business opportunities; meet legal obligations; Increase stakeholder and customer trust; improve overall environmental impact and manage environmental obligations with consistency. All waste generated during the course of this contract shall be disposed in designated places.
We are to protect the health of our employees and third parties from all hazards associated with our daily operations by ensuring that: The functional use of PPE by all our staff and third parties during the execution of jobs. Functional medical retainership clinic will be maintained for regular and emergency treatment. The provision of First Aid Box will be strictly adhered to and will be manned by a trained First Aider or Nurse. We shall see that the health of our employees are protected at all times Workers in the company must posses certificate of medical fitness before engagement.
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